The Great Lakes District of the EFCA exists to glorify God by multiplying transformational churches among all people throughout our sphere of responsibility (Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Western Ohio and Northern Kentucky).


Applying the parable of the talents (Matthew 25), "Double Vision” emphasizes faithfulness and fruitfulness, prayer and preaching, church planting and health, inward care and outward focus, evangelism and edification, Jerusalem and Samaria as we pray, preach Christ, partner, and plant together trusting God to double the GLD from 50,000 to 100,000 people. For example:

  • Churches starting new services to reach recent immigrants for Christ
  • Churches starting missional communities and church plants for double impact
  • Churches starting multi-sites and church planting networks to reach new area


We value Biblical Orthodoxy

We value authentic discipleship

We value spiritual health in our pastors

We value spiritual health in our churches

We value reproducing churches

We value networks of interdependent relationships

We value kingdom partnerships


Measure #1: 80% of our GLD pastors interdependently framed by our GLD team

     1:1 Coaching-life on life encouragement toward Christ likeness

     1:3 Triads-a band of brothers who pray, strength and encourage

     1:4-7 Networks-servant leaders working together on a clear mission

     1:12 Mentoring-guide from the side multiplying ministry fruitfulness

     1:18 Ministerial-geographically based groups who pray and encourage

     1:32 Learning-skilled leaders with learners gaining valuable insights

     1:300 Great Lakes District Conference-Preaching, Seminars, Networks

Measure #2: 40% of our GLD churches growing in worship attendance

     GLD emphasis on “Superintendent Care of the Churches and Central Services”

     GLD emphasis on “Sticky Churches” and “Sending Churches”

Measure #3: 12 healthy GLD churches planting 12 new churches that plant 12 new churches using EFCA systems